From the Pastor’s Desk

Are you satisfied? Is there something in your life that is missing? Are you contented? What is it that you do not have that you think you need or what is it you really want that you do not have? I must confess that there are moments in my life when I want new golf clubs, or to go to a high-class restaurant, a newer faster computer or to have that 80 inch LED TV with Bose surround sound. (of which my wife says I do not need, ha ha). Understand now that none of these things are wrong in themselves unless they take the place of where my (our) focus ought to be!

The culture that we live in today is very much centered around that which an individual wants verses that which an individual needs. It seems that the more we have the more we want. We want the latest toys, the bigger the better, the more power there is it never seems to be enough. In just under 3 months it will be Christmas – have you noticed that for about the last 3-4 weeks or longer many stores have brought out their Christmas stuff— the decorations… trees, bulbs and lights? It seems to be getting earlier and earlier every year. (And I am not talking about the Christmas Tree Shop either). It won’t be long and the Christmas stuff will be coming out by July 4th. Well maybe not, but it certainly seems that way and there never seems to be enough time to get all that I want to do to get done.

The Psalmist said, “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing…” We may interpret this verse a number of ways but at face value it seems to me that God is the provider in my life, as the shepherd He knows exactly what I need and when I need it. He knows how to care for everything that needs caring for in my life. Point is: He does care for all that I need – everything no matter what it might be. “I lack nothing” implies everything I could possibly need in body, soul, and spirit in the Lord He takes care of. There is no need to have anxiety, even concern, that God does not have my best interests at heart, that He is not in control of my life when I fully trust in Him!

Everything about our culture would suggest that we must have and have more to be happy. Why can’t I be happy and have less? John Wesley learned early in his life that he needed a certain amount to live on to sustain life. He then ordered his life around living with just that amount and the rest that he had he gave away to the poor and less fortunate. Although it is said about him that he was a wealthy man, when he died it was reported that in his possession were 2 silver spoons, a silver teapot, and a well-worn frock.

Jesus said “Seek 1st His kingdom and His righteousness…” The Lord is my shepherd… you would think that is sufficient. Does that mean I must be barefoot, have no shelter, no food on my table or anything else in life that God allows to bring a sense of comfort? Well, it might not, and it may also imply that what I truly need in life Jesus and Jesus alone will completely satisfy. The Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing. The closer we get to Christmas it might be wise to embrace the thought: God gives every good and perfect gift as we seek His face and follow His plan for life…

I think I will go out and buy that new 80-inch TV right now… maybe not!

In Him, Your Pastor,

Jeffrey Turcotte