From the Pastor’s Desk

Spring, has it really happened or did we miss it this year? Summer is right around the corner. In fact, there are moments when I actually think we are experiencing it right now. Haven’t you felt the warmth that Spring and Summer bring? There have been some nice days, but then again, it might get a little on the cold side for some and then not for others. I remember a Memorial Day weekend a few years back (up north…) when on that Monday the wind was blowing, the temperature down and it was snowing… believe it! It really did happen! I’ve been there! I have seen and I have felt it! Probably it will never happen here in the south… and then again stranger things have happened.

I can almost see it now; I can almost feel it now when I have experienced God’s presence in my life. I mean sure there have been moments when it has felt like God was right here. I could feel His presence. It was in a service you know. You’ve been there. The pastor was preaching up a storm (it wasn’t too long ago) or it was while you were driving to work, or it was when you were out in the woods on a warm fall day or out on the back nine playing pretty good so you thought. Yes, that’s it! Those were the times I felt God was real, that He was here, that He was with me, but you know I don’t feel Him like that all the time! Ever felt like that? Sure you have – we all have!

There is something I learned long ago that still holds true in my life today. God is real; He was, He is and He always will be. When Jesus Christ entered my life at the age of 12 He was real. I can still remember and almost feel the moment. It was an incredible time for me. I will never forget it and I like to re-visit that moment every now and then because it was so real. Sure there have been times since when I have felt His presence and there are many times when I do not feel His presence like I did at that moment. Does that mean God is not here right now? Absolutely not, God is everywhere. He is Omni-present. When He entered my life He never left. There have been moments of testing when I asked Him “Where are you God?” but He was still right here all along. There have been times when I thought I did not feel Him. There have been moments when I drifted away from His presence, yet He was still right here because He is everywhere and He never left.

Through those earlier years I learned that my experience with God was not        dependent upon a feeling I received but upon the fact that God is who He is and we     experience Him through His Son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit living in our lives. The Bible says, “We live by faith” not by feeling or by sight. That does not mean that our feelings are not important. It does mean that we believe in God because God is and we can have a relationship with Him through His Son Jesus and that relationship must be cultivated each and every day through “me” spending time daily with Him. Even as the Psalmist says, “By meditating upon Him both day and night.” That relationship is and must be ongoing.

No matter what stage of life we are in God is always with us and He will always be here for us to reach out and connect Him with if we so choose to experience Him. So, don’t wait another minute… call out His name because He is ever present waiting for you.

In Him, Your Pastor,

Jeffrey Turcotte